You're safe with me

I respect your privacy and I'm completely transparent about the tools and tactics used on this website.


I don't use any technology on this site that drops cookies. It's only my portfolio site, so it's not worth the hassle of tracking the monthly visits and traffic sources.

Data Collection

My website's enquiry form uses SendGrid to send me an email alert containing the details of your enquiry. I don't store your details in a CRM or send it to a third-party for advertising purposes. I only use the data you provide to respond to your enquiry.

IP Addresses

To stop spammers clogging up my inbox, I use Google's Recaptcha to check anyone that sends me an enquiry is a human. Google use the IP address of your computer to check against a database of known bots. I don't store your IP address.

Data requests

You are free to ask me to supply/edit/destroy any data I hold on you at any time. But seeing as I don't store anything, you're already pretty safe in that respect.

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